… or at least a new home!

I had moved blog and podcast to Substack, after admiring the the fact that it was a one-stop shop. Sure, I knew the possibility of enshittification was there, but I had no idea that it was going to happen so quickly.

You can read up on the Substack controversy, it’s not too hard to find.

It made me realize that between Google (Blogger), Anchor (bought by Spotify, then podcasting support became dodgy), Substack (“Let’s put Nazi ideas in the marketplace!”) … there are very few options where I could feel totally safe, except… do it myself.

Back in the late 90s, I had my own domain and blog hosted there, before LJ (and THERE’S a story of enshittification…) but then all these services had all these nice features and people were there.

Now, with RSS and social media, I think I can go back to self-hosting. I don’t need to worry about who’s harvesting my data and content (aside from the web scraping, of course) and I don’t need to worry about a platform making questionable decisions that I don’t agree with.

So… here we are. New home! Welcome!

11 thoughts on “A New Hope”
  1. Good to see you don’t give up, and here I am, still reading you blog!

    Years after I quit my own blog (it’s still out there I guess), and the blogs of all those other people who where around in the first round of old school blogging are gone, you’re still at it! There can’t be that many more than you and James M left since back then?

    Anyway. Looking forward to see what you post next. I just downloaded the 2023 summary podcast, and will go and have a listen.

    1. There are some left. Delta/Daniel Collins still blogs, I think? Alex Schroeder, for sure, and his RPGPlanet OSR feed keeps track of the blogs. Oh!, Bat still blogs, he’s been generating new/custom content – magic items, etc – for years and years.

      1. Oh, man. How could I forget the Ancient Vaults blog! Yes, you right there are probably a few still around after all. I thought I had Alex planet feed subscribed, but for some reason that one must have slipped to the wayside as I moved feed readers a few times. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Welcome to your new home!
    Nice to see more bloggers self-hosting. I already updated your new RSS feed url in my newsapp.
    Let’s try and ensure that comments here work.

  3. Congrats on the new blog, and promptly followed!

    (Also, placing divestment from Blogspot as one of my future goals — because yeah, nothing Google-hosted is necessarily reliable…)

    1. Welcome! I’m looking into how I can have people subscribe and get emails of blog posts, similar to Substack.

      I’m with you on the fear of Google’s capriciousness! That’s why I spent a day migrating from Drive to a self-hosted, at-home cloud using Linux/Nextcloud.

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